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Canadian Flag
Canadian Flag

1. My favorite bloggers live there. Perhaps if I move to their country, I will be magically transformed into a a blogger whom actually - regularly - writes things that matter. Like, things other than reasons to move to other countries.

2. I'm a fan of lakes and all the pictures I see include large bodies of water. Clearly every house in Canada is on a lake.

3. Their Thanksgiving is in the midst of apple season as opposed to pumpkin/gourd season. I love apple pie much more than pumpkin pie (especially with the crumbly top).

4. They've already got their healthcare thing figured out. Not a statement of being pro - or against national health care, but rather a statement of jealousy that they're already done with all these arguments.

5. My favorite food is breakfast and they've got that maple thing going on. It's a mutually beneficial relationship.

6. I went to a hockey game once and discovered I liked Canadian beer much better.

7. [Why would you move to Canada? Or where would you move?]

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Canadian Flag + season