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Multifunctional Bench

After recently finishing the front yard, we have now started on the back because we wanted to get the turf down before winter hits. We ended up using a buffalo breed of turf called Sapphire and we needed 85m. One of our neighbours used it out the front of his place and we liked it very much. But despite measuring the area accurately, we still had a little bit left over so that went on the nature strip.

G has also put up the garden shed, it's a 3m x 3m Absco one. It wasn't the easiest thing to put together but it does the job. We went for the woodland grey colour and eventually it will just blend into the corner when everything else is done. I love my Hills Hoist!!! The backyard gets northerly sun so it made sense to have a big rotary hoist out there. It can be folded down and removed when not in use. I am not a fan of the wall mounted hoists and they are never big enough so this one is great, it dries a load of washing in just over an hour :)

We won't do any more to the backyard now until next spring (sept/oct time). Still to be done is; Sleepers as edging and plants running all along the fence line. A raised vegie planter next to the shed. Paint the fence. Bamboo screen fence along the length of the brick planter and fill with tropical plants and lights. We have also ordered the side fences and gates which will be colourbond slats. They aren't cheap, but will require no maintenance and should look nice. A lot of our neighbours have merbau slats so we wanted to be different :)

Multifunctional Bench

Since the last post we have finished installing the reed on the fence, which stops at the shed and we have planted out the gardens. We went to Diacos Nursery and bought hedging type plants that grow to approx 4m in height by 2m spread. We got 3 different types and 4 of each so they are mixed along the back fenceline as we had 12m to cover. Eventually this will make a nice hedge screening to block out the neighbours. We didn't want to go too high as our backyard faces north and we need the sunshine in the winter.

In the corner we have a palm garden with golden canes, a bangalow palm and ponytail palm. These are surrounded by more cordylines. In the other corner near the shed we have another bangalow palm and a stone feature filled with succulents. I bought this because there is a drain underneath which is quite ugly, so the stone ornament is sitting on that! It can quite easily be taken apart and removed if the drain needs to be accessed.

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Multifunctional Bench + time