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Valentine Treat & Giveaway: Owen from Purpose

To celebrate Valentine's day I wanted to bring a sexy treat to my blog. Today we have one of the the best men-of-books, Owen! Owen makes his first appearance in Promise, by Kristie Cook, but we really get to know him in the sequel, Purpose.
Today I have him and Alexis here and she is helping interview him about L — O — V — E.

Owen and Alexis, thank you so much for visiting me on Valentine's day. *Winks at Owen* I'm excited to see what you have planned to talk about.

Alexis: Thank you, Jessica, for having Owen and me here. I think we’re all excited to find out what’s going on in Owen’s head and heart.
Owen: Yeah, than- Wait. What? I thought we were here to talk about girls, not me.
Alexis: We are. Both, I mean. So let’s just get to it. I’ve been kind of out of it for the last seven years, but as far as I know, you’ve never had a girlfriend since I’ve known you. What’s up with that?
Me: Yeah Owen, what's up with that?
Owen (sapphire eyes widen): Dude! Seriously?! This is what you brought me here for?
Alexis: Aw, come on, Owen. See all those girls out there? They’re curious. They just want to know a little more about you.
Me (raises hand) Like ME!
Owen: About me or my love life?
Alexis: Well, both. Let’s just skip that last question and go forward. What do you look for in a girl?
Me: Good one Alexis. Yeah Owen, what makes you interested?
Owen (blond hair flops in his eyes as he shakes his head): You’re trying to set me up, aren’t you?
Alexis: Um… maybe.
Owen (leans back in chair and crosses arms): Okay, then. First, she must be alive. Completely alive. Not almost or nearly or sort of. But 100-percent alive.
Me (Jumps up and down inside) YES!
Alexis: So no vampires?
Owen: Definitely not. I like a beating heart. I also have to trust my girl and vamps just can’t be trusted. No faeries, either. They’re nothing but trouble.
Alexis: Okay, I think these girls are safe. What else?
Owen: No shape-shifters. If this turns out to be a long-term thing, I don’t want my girl giving birth to puppies or cubs.
Me: Awesome, I think that would freak me out as well.
Alexis: You do want to have children, then?
Owen: I don’t know yet. I never thought I did until you had Dorian. He’s pretty cool. But if I do have kids… my father doesn’t want our blood and our powers diluted by a human-girl, but… I don’t know…
Alexis: You’re not exactly the elitist type, Owen. What do you want?
Owen: I don’t know. That’s the problem. I’ve yet to meet what I want.
Me (clears throat)
Alexis: Any particular “type” of girl you prefer? You know, like brunettes or red-heads or preppy or urban or anything?
Owen: Eh. Not really. They’re all attractive in some way or another. But, to be honest, here’s the deal. Even if I don’t care about our blood or powers, I just can’t be with a human. At least, not for the long term.
Me: What? Why the heck not?
Alexis (furrows brow): Even if you love her?
Owen: Because in forty years, she’ll be gray and wrinkled and showing signs of a full life.
Alexis (voice raises with indignity): And you have a problem with that? I can’t believe you, Owen! And I always thought you were so down-to-earth. You can’t be with a woman because she’ll eventually look old?
Owen: Think about it, Alexis. She’ll look seventy and I won’t look much older than this. I don’t have a problem with it, but she might. And then ten or so years later, she’s gone. And I’m left behind with only her memory for the next few hundred years.
Alexis: Oh. Right. Sorry. So… she must be a mage.
Owen: Or have Amadis blood.
Me (concentrates hard on trying to get Owen to kiss me) Crap, not working… (starts praying to have Amadis blood).
Alexis: That’s pretty rare, though… right?
Owen: Not as rare as you think.
Me: Interesting (eyes Owen)
Alexis: Okay, girls. There you have it. If you have Amadis blood or are a witch or a warlock and can live a few centuries with Owen, you have a chance. You can contact Jessica and she’ll get everything set up. Maybe. Actually… Owen? Jessica? Where are you going??? Hmm… maybe Owen’s not so available anymore.



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