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Tour: Interview & Giveaway with Julie Chibbaro

Today I have the fabulous Julie Chibbaro on the blog.
She will be discussing her book, Deadly, and I have an extra special giveaway for 5 lucky winners!

1. In DEADLY, Prudence is such a strong character. Where did you get the inspiration to write this story and that particular character?
Any kind of medical mystery has always fascinated me. When I found out the real story of Typhoid Mary (who had always been quite mythical for me, a murderess, a serial killer!), I knew I wanted to write about her. It was a perfect true story that I could fictionalize. Then, I had to create a girl who could mentally handle the challenge of this typhoid epidemic, who was in love with the way the human body functioned and why it failed. Prudence came to me when I thought about my relationship with my best friend Laura. We often sit and wonder about the world and how it works. I built Prudence up from there.

2. I feel that Prudence is a great inspirational character for young girls. What do you hope young adults take from this story?
I felt, as a young person, that I didn’t have a good sense of myself. I wrote all through high school, but no one guided me in that direction – I didn’t take writing seriously until I was nearly 30. I knew what I liked to do, but I didn’t know how to get what I wanted, how to do this thing that came naturally to me. I liked to write, but in the real world, how did a person make that a real job? So, in this novel, I wanted to explore how a teen girl becomes her passion. I do hope readers will take away that feeling – that you can follow your passion, that you can live by what comes naturally to you.

3. Can you share with us 10 little known facts about you?
1. I’m an autodidact. 2. I used to own and ride motorcycles. 3. I cracked my front tooth diving into a pool. 4. I met Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese all on the same day. 5. I met my husband on a bench in Prague while waiting for my (then) boyfriend (who was clearly the wrong guy for me.) 6. My sister died of cancer in 2008 at the age of 45. 7. Every morning, I write in my journal. 8. My first job was at Mr. Rooster (chicken breader and fryer) when I was 16. I quit that to work at Barnes & Noble and spent many stolen moments reading in backstock rooms. 9. I started reading the NY Times at age 8. 10. My husband is 11 years younger than me.
Thank you so much, Jessica, for these wonderful questions!

Deadly by Julie Chibbaro Publisher: Atheneum (February 22nd, 2011) Reading Level: Young Adult Hardcover: 304 pages A mysterious outbreak of typhoid fever is sweeping New York. Could the city’s future rest with its most unlikely scientist? If Prudence Galewski is ever going to get out of Mrs. Browning’s esteemed School for Girls, she must demonstrate her refinement and charm by securing a job appropriate for a young lady. But Prudence isn’t like the other girls. She is fascinated by how the human body works and why it fails. With a stroke of luck, she lands a position in a laboratory, where she is swept into an investigation of the fever bound to change medical history. Prudence quickly learns that an inquiry of this proportion is not confined to the lab. From ritzy mansions to shady bars and rundown tenements, she explores every potential cause of the disease. But there’s no answer in sight—until the volatile Mary Mallon emerges. Dubbed “Typhoid Mary” by the press, Mary is an Irish immigrant who has worked as a cook in every home the fever has ravaged. Strangely, though, she hasn’t been sick a day in her life. Is the accusation against her an act of discrimination? Or is she the first clue in a new scientific discovery? Prudence is determined to find out. In a time when science is for men, she’ll have to prove to the city, and to herself, that she can help solve one of the greatest medical mysteries of the twentieth century.

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