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Blog Changes Coming Soon!

Hello everyone.
This week will be one full of changes for my blog! First, I purchased my own URL yesterday.
My blog address is now
The transition could take a few days.
A few people had problems following me today so I kept my GFC settings the same to see if that works. If you still can't follow me, PLEASE let me know and I'll see how to fix that.
And… I'm having a makeover this week!! Well, not ME exactly but my blog! The amazing Tawni from The Book Worms and Forever Design Studio is using her magic to fix up my blog. I've seen the preview of it and OMG, I can't wait to show you all.
So that's the big news and hopefully it will all be a smooth transition. Again, if you have problems following the blog now, or in a few days, please let me know and I'll look into it.
Happy Reading everyone!

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Blog Changes Coming Soon! + Review