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writers block

it's not so much a block of writing, or blogging, but just a general lack of anything interesting, which is a shame. i'm pretty sure that until this morning i hadn't left the house since thursday night. really. at least 2 of those days, i never got dressed.

in some ways, i revel in the the nothingness. jj and i played some wii, i did a lot of catching up with facebook, and had some nap therapy. cooked a little bit, read a little bit, and drank more coffee than i probably should have. but those are all good things.

typically, such slowing down actually incites random thoughts of the blogworthy sort, but not really recently. i think the lack of interaction and meaningful discussion with friends or the like has kind of dulled my brain. that, or the lack of KLM couch & wine time. when you spend your days concerned over incoming teeth or nap schedules, you kind of forget to ponder the world's perils. i really do miss having a job that requires thinking about "bigger things". today my biggest thought was an annoyance at a guy trying to pass a drug screen who turned in a cold sample. seriously. you couldn't even heat it up first?

i have been reading a bit more of Anne Lamott. i've developed a firm conviction that everyone should read at least one author that they don't always agree with but can respect. Lamott is that to me. I love her style, her honesty, and many of the times, her views on the world. Sure, there's lots of the practical side of her theology that i don't get behind, but her heart is pure and i'm developing an appreciation for hearing a different type of story.

so, that's the explanation for the dull posts as of late. if you'd like to contribute to the cure, you'll just have to invite me for coffee and see where the conversation goes. then maybe i'll be on a creative streak again.

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writers block + story