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What I like about you [Miss M]

Right now, she's cracking me up. I hope to always remember her at this age, 2.5, and the way she...

  • Cackles at H Boy, finding him hilarious at anything he does
  • Runs Prances to her next destination
  • Giggles and announces every time she "toots bubbles"
  • Helps Baby C on and off her toy car
  • Declares she doesn't need a diaper for a nap anymore (and for the most part, doesn't)
  • Finds Daddy hilarious
  • Says her brothers name
  • Always asks for "something on her mouth" (chapstick, a new addiction)
  • Smiles
  • Rocks the pigtails, even though her thin hair has been slow to grow on top
  • Tries everything the big kids do
  • Sings in the van, and when you try to join with her she exclaims "no! Only me!"
  • Loves to have her fingernails painted

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What I like about you [Miss M] + story