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in the small things

Sometimes you just need to celebrate the small joys.

1. My new kitchen sink faucet. It's tall and slender. It has a pull-down sprayer (though I'm still a bit apprehensive based on FB reviews, but I've just decided to enjoy it while I can).

2. The cause of the new facet: my RO filter is installed. Ah, clean water

3. The ham that was in our garage fridge since CHRISTMAS is now gone. Yes, Christmas. There was a bit of case-getting-on in order to see it finally make its way to the trash (as I refused to open the door to the said refrigerator until it was taken care of). At one point I reduced myself to sarcastic teasing. "I'm sure glad that the trash doesn't smell like rotten ham instead of the refrigerator where we sometimes keep food with our beer."

4. Every clean garment in the house is folded. Not put away, but folded (as opposed to piled into a basket at the end of my couch). And the only laundry on my laundry room floor are sheets/blankets, which I categorize as "as you're able" type laundry. Non-essential. Like infant-vs.-believer baptism. As long as it gets done sometime.

5. Penn Station Club - 8 inches of sheer happiness (yes, 8. But I give 2 to a kid. Don't judge me). It offered an especially tasty flavor as it was my "last supper" before embarking on a bit of a cleanup diet for the next little while. More on that later.

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in the small things + story