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Do you want that in the can?

"No, I'll have it right here." (+5 Bonus points if you can name that movie quote).

So, I realized today at work that I have quite a predicament of social etiquette. It involves my frequent potty breaks and a need for refills in my water glass.

I try to be a good, productive worker bee. I get as much done as humanly possible while in the office. But my body has certain requirements. Such as a need for high doses of fluids, specifically water. And then, once that water has done its thing, it must be disposed of properly. So between the refills and the refuse, I must leave my seat.

Now, don't you worry your pretty little head. I'm ultra-efficient with my non-cube time. I take my empty glass for my trip to the WC. BUT, you know what that means. I take a cup in when I pee. Well, not into the stall. But into the room. I set it on the sinktop. But people see me go in and out of the potty with a plastic cup in my hand on a regular basis. Empty both times, mind you, but where else does such an event occur other than the doctor's office? Perhaps I'm just overly accustomed to such activity because it crossed my mind today and it caused much distress. I didn't know how to fix the problem. There's no shelf outside the bathroom. Set it on the floor outside the bathroom? I'm very limited on my options.

I could always make separate trips, but I'm pretty sure the IT guys I pass down my row would start using it as fodder for a drinking game or some sort of revenue-accruing gambling event. That's 4 trips down the row during one "break."

Short of digging a tunnel to the potty and installing a Culligan dispenser in my cube, I fear that I might just have to be "that girl." Well hydrated and with strong bladder muscles, sure. But still, that girl.

*Side note one: husband just informed me of his own cup considerations when he arrives at school. I concede that he wins the prize: he doesn't trust others enough to set it by the sink and the mechanics involved with his pee pee break and my own add a degree of technical difficulty. Apparently there is a balancing act happening to put the coffee cup on the piping of a urinal.

*Side note two: Seriously, does anyone know the opening quote? Hint: it takes place on an airplane. My sister and I used to howl over this one. I'm giggling every time I think it.

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Do you want that in the can? + story