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Time for another quick update on the kiddos. Because I'm a failure at baby books, this is where I've been recording the events of the family, specifically the milestones and makings of the children. So even if you're not interested, I need it logged somewhere.

H Boy

  • Though with a somewhat limited vocab, he's becoming quite conversational. Lots of talk about what we're doing, what he sees, what he wants to be doing, or what he wants YOU to be doing. As in, "mommy! play!"
  • Jump around, jump around! This boy jumps up, jumps up and falls gets down. Most recently daddy has taught him how to leap from footstool to couch or dad. He finds it hilarious.
  • The christmas gift of a kitchen proved successful. He serves tea with the best of them.
  • What is it with child-sized seats that kids love? He also got a table and chairs set from Grandma Marj and he loves to sit there to eat or play.
  • Last week we had friends over for dinner who's son Kyle is close in age. The boys wrecked havoc in the basement while we enjoyed a semi-chaos free dinner. Win win. Win.
  • We have a new sitter. You know she's great when it only takes about 10 minutes before he just says "bye bye mommy!" and continues on with the playing. No, no... my heart didn't break.
  • His addiction to the bink seems to be progressing to the point of obsession. I continue to pretend it'll be fine and disappear on its own. I'll let you know how that works out for me.
  • We've been wearing big boy undies on a semi-regular basis, when we're home. We'll drink a good cup of milk, wait, then sit on the potty to read 5 books and sing 3 songs, only for him to be "all done" and then 30 seconds later peeing on the floor. Boy, I love parenting. It makes you feel so... effective.
  • H can name yellow and pink. I think he recognizes the other colors, but yellow and pink are the answers to "what color is that?"

Miss M

  • MOBILE is the key word of the month. She's got the crawling thing down and is getting quicker. Now she does a army crawl hybrid/real crawl, and then when she gets to her destination, she automatically goes to her feet in a down dog position. She'd like to just stand up but she's still a bit topheavy and doesn't quite know how. I give her 2 months.
  • She loves standing and playing and has climbed a stair or two in her time. Up she goes. All. the. time.
  • Like her brother, she's inherited the good eating genes. If her mommy would get it together and offer her a bigger variety, I think she'd really take off and enjoy a lot of foods. We just need to get them introduced.
  • On that note, she was able to feed herself some blueberries. Not so much a pincer grasp as a poke with her index finger, like a single prong fork. But whatever works.
  • M has won the super sleeper award as of late, frequently going the 7-7 distance without requiring that we enter her room. Her brother, on the other hand.... ugh.
  • Clap, clap, clap your hands! she says. She loves a good clap. Brother loves to get her to do it.
Bathtime continues to be a highlight for 3 of the 4 people in the house (though I take my bath separate from the kids). It's amazing to see what 2 inches of water will do to a short-tempered kid. And it gives me a chance to catch up on my reading.

So that's the update, in short.

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