My Beautiful Struggle + story

a ridiculous list of the absurdly mundane things that cause me stress and bring me joy

Seriously, I know: if these are the things that take up space in my brain, I'm doing pretty well.

1. Oh, my lovely, sweet, sweet baby girl... why won't you JUST GO TO SLEEP? Love, Mom. No less than 15 trips up the stairs to remove her from standing at the railing (I long ago gave up indicating that I might be impressed by this skill in hopes she'll quit), I think I know why I've only gained 10 pounds so far this pregnancy.

2. The 10 pounds is a bit misleading. My belly button continues to reach skyward and my belt is just 2 notches away from the tub under the bed.

3. Oh, the sweet and spicy goodness that is pepperoni rolls. I secretly hope our friends don't like them this weekend so I can eat more guilt free. I think I might buy a gallon or so of Padrone's ranch for some recreational dipping.

4. Husband is currently driving the cheapest car ever. So cheap that there's no center armrest and he was unable to tilt his seat back. The accord is finally getting a facelift bumper-fixing, but they ordered the wrong bumper so he's in a rental. Slightly not convenient, but manageable.

5. I finally bought 2 boxes of fruit snacks, the unhealthy kind full of HFCS. And they satisfy. The gummi worms in my purse? Totally not mine.

6. Husband and I finally purchased a game we had our eye on - Dominion. It's a strategy card game of fiefdoms and castles. Sort of. But it has definately passed the time the past few evenings with some enjoyment of the non-shiny screen variety.

7. Today is one of my few Y&R days so I get to catch up. Victor is turning into a bitter, bitter old man. Something's going to happen. And Diane is soon going to be doing both Victor AND Nicolas. Phyllis will go off the deep end when all the men in her life keep "helping" Sharon (perhaps a real identity revealed?). And I'm going to agree with cousin RWB, I think Adam's going to pull a Michael Baldwin and switch over to the good-guy team with a slightly slick nature. This is me, looking for the best in everyone.

8. Today was another visit to the midwife (note from a midwife-visiting professional: schedule your appointment as early as possible in the AM. They don't have time to be running late yet). I didn't see my usual gal, Bonnie, but Deb was ultra-helpful in guiding me to a blood-thinning decision. We're going with the baby aspirin. I know, you've all been holding your breath in suspense.

9. We had a third successful pee-pee on the potty. Cheering and raisins richly abounded. I can only cross my fingers that we're on a roll.

And, that's about it. Lists are better in odd numbers, so I'm not going to hurt my brain too much on my day off.

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a ridiculous list of the absurdly mundane things that cause me stress and bring me joy + story