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The List: 2012 (In review)

As I prepare for the new year and the ways I can make it better than the current, it's time I review how I did on last year's list. *Deep breath*. I'd give myself a B. Maybe B- mostly because I forgot the reasoning but feel I did an overall good job at hitting the targets.

1. Respond to text, email and phone messages in a more timely manner. I would like to think I did a much better job of this over the course of the year. Not perfect by any stretch, but I'm seeing improvements.

2. Tell JJ my most substantial thought each day. Also, great strides. I've made a point to put away the electronic devices in the evening to truly talk - though outside of the kids I sometimes forget exactly what all I need to tell him. 3. Bring JOY to my children's life. Again, I have my moments and I would like to think that after having a whole year of keeping them all the hours of all of the days, I'm getting better at this. 4. Engage with my small group. Well, yes. And, no. We really hit good strides last spring - and then JJ and I decided that we should try to make opportunity for others who wanted to be in small groups, so we launched our own. This one is starting to gain some traction and I'm excited to see what the new year brings. 5. Find 2 more clients. Well, mostly. I've had an assortment of gigs that have helped make the business move forward, mostly on short-term situations. I'm hoping that one current contract will lend me something more permanent because I love the client. 6. Floss more. Yes. I did this. Not every night, but more. 7. Take more pictures. Total, utter failure. Not even on Christmas. Or perhaps on birthdays. I'm the worst mom ever. 8. Get healthy. Good strides! We're eating better now on a consistent basis while still enjoying life and not feeling completely deprived (yay for pinterest and a few workarounds). I wish I could get to yoga more often and running in the cold is just too... cold... for me. But I'm hoping to make it more in the coming months. Maybe if Mary started evening classes on Monday / Wednesday I could make it... ahem. (Since I know you're reading).

Now... to begin composing the 2014 list.

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The List: 2012 (In review) + story