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wednesday is the new monday

back in the day i had mondays off, which was a nice way to ease into the week - a chance to make sure the house was in check, relax a little bit, get done what i didn't finish on the weekend. today, because of poor planning and communication on jj and I's part, i was at home all day (because at 9:30 last night we realized we didn't have a sitter), so it kinda felt monday-ish, but here it was wednesday! also because i was out of town monday and tuesday and when you're removed from your element it seems as if days disappear or really just don't happen at all while you're away. so i had to continually tell myself it was not monday, it was wednesday.

and i didn't really do too much catching up. finished an ad script for an upcoming commercial, which had been brewing in my head for almost 2 weeks but i finally got it down in script form. made a pumpkin cheesecake, which turned out well in terms of flavor and got a "c" in the looks catagory. not just a crack, but a large divit... maybe next time i will try the waterbath. but excellent flavor.

had a good day with the kiddo, too. it's interesting - obviously i missed him while i was away, but i was kept so busy that i didn't have a chance to think through what he was doing at home without me. so when i was driving home from the airport is when i missed him the most - i just couldn't wait to see him. of course, he was in bed when i got home. but we got to hang out and catch up today. he's now making kissy smack noises with his lips. adorable. we're going to have to work on blowing kisses.

back in the day when i had to leave for events a lot, coming home was much more difficult. jj and i would fight like crazy upon my return, which is a bit backward. you're supposed to miss each other and just be glad to be home, right? but not so with us. i think part of it was that i was away and i didn't miss "normal" life - i missed jj and seeing him, but when it came time for dinner, the empty chair wasn't glaring at me in the face. so it was pretty easy on my end, but not the one that had to stay home. fortunately there wasn't any arguing after i arrived home this time, so maybe we've grown out of it. we're more mature now. or jj just has enough of his own stress that he didn't notice i was gone.

speaking of, we're on a countdown until he's done with this semester. thank goodness. i need some consistency in my life. and him to be home at a reasonable hour. i'll be so glad when the semester is over. as will he (probably even more so). until then we trudge forward. and nothing makes a trudge bearable like pumpkin cheesecake.

g'night, all.

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wednesday is the new monday + story