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On the lighter side

My recent posts tend to be quite heavy, like homemade bread that wasn't given enough time to rise. Mmmm... bread. Perhaps a goal for the afternoon... But I digress. Which is the whole point of this post. Aimless digression.

You know you're too old for the clothes in a store when your stroller won't fit between the racks. However, these new Maurices jeans fit so wonderfully (and they're a size SMALLER than my regular numbers) that I'll be ramming my children into racks of sweaters very soon. And I decided that the best way to break in a new pair is to wear them every day for a week. Every. Single. Day. Take that, tight waistband.

Now you can wrap me up and call me thrifty. Those chickens I bought a few weeks ago from a local farmer? Grandma Marj was so good to prep it up and toss it in the oven for me that we enjoyed it last night. We have at least 2 more meals of chicken left (quesedillas tonight, maybe a wrap of sorts for lunch. And why is spell check telling me that quesedillas is spelled wrong but not offering any options to rectify the problem?). And now I smell the broth simmering on the stove thanks to a well-seasoned carcass. Aww, what? You don't like knowing your broth comes from a carcass? Sorry. Spoiler alert. But I just bought some broth the other day and it's ex-pennnn-sive, especially at the rate that this house goes through soups. We've got to pinch a penny where we can.

Speaking of lack of pennypenching, tomorrow evening our intentions are to go out and enjoy a good Japanese hibachi with a friend crossing the line of 30. I might even put on my "going out shirt." We all know what jeans I'll be wearing. Still debating on babysitters as the hibachi might just be entertaining enough for the little guy to sit through. But can one really enjoy an evening in a going out shirt with 2 children astride? Surely there's a rule about that somewhere.

Finally, a note about my most recent success in the laundry department: homemade soap. Husband was a bit apprehensive (when he got a tough stain on his pants he demanded "real" laundry detergent), but after a brief mishap of leaving wet clothes in the washer a few er, days, too long, I ran a load with said Miracle Detergent and pulled out the rewash with a fresh, clean scent. I've noticed at times that "real detergent" doesn't always offer the same success. Not that I frequently leave my laundry wet in the washer for days at a time or anything.

Ok, I can't get that bread off my mind. I've got at least one sleeping so I think this could be an achievable goal for the day.

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On the lighter side + story