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Haunted Halloween: It's a Twitter Party! Tonight at 9pm (EST) 6pm (PST)

We’re holding the party TONIGHT, October 18th at 9:00 PM EST.

It’s a Twitter Party! If you plan on coming to the party (PLEASE DO!) here are a few tips for how to join and follow it all.

You may be asking yourself…

Why come to this shindig anyway?
Well, because Halloween ROCKS, and because we are giving away tons of prizes! We have 10 swag packs. Each swag pack contains swag (obviously) and 2 books. We will announce the title of one book during each trivia question but the other book you win will remain a mystery. Also, we have 3 BONUS rounds to win other prizes.
How do I win these packs of awesomeness?
It's easy! As many of you have noticed, Lisa and I have been hosting authors all month and those authors have been sharing stories. If you have read those stories, you are one step ahead of the rest! Lisa and I will have 10 trivia questions pertaining to particular stories that have been posted on our blogs (5 for Lisa, 5 for me). All you have to do is go to the link, find the answer, and TWEET! But, be sure to include the hashtag #HauntedHalloween or we won't see it and it won't count.

How do you know who wins? Everyone will be tweeting answers like mad!!
This is true. Lisa and I used to pick 13 numbers last night (13, perfect number, right?). Those numbers were listed next to each question. They go from 1-40. We will count the correct answers as they show up in our feeds. Once we hit the number generated by for that question, we have our winner!

Will you tell us who won? Because, obviously, I plan to WIN! Yes, we will. We are alternating questions so after we get the winner, we will then announce it while the other person gets ready to ask their question.
What do I do once I win? If you win, please email one of us at TheBestReader @ hotmail. com or alifeboundbybooks @ hotmail. com with your mailing address AND twitter name! We will have your twitter name written down; however, if you'd like to tell us which trivia question, or bonus question, you won for, that will help.
But I live in (insert country name here), am I eligible to win? We always try hard to include international giveaways during any event. Unfortunately, the swag packs and 2 bonus prizes will not be international. The swag packs, and 1 bonus prize will be for US/Canada only. The other bonus prize will be US only. The final giveaway WILL be international. Make sure to stick around and see what it is.
What if I just want to hang out? Is there something to do? Of course! We are inviting each and every author from the Halloween event to stop by and join us. You can chat with them, ask them questions, share spooky stories, anything! We will be asking questions every 10 minutes so you'll have plenty of time to chat in-between questions.
Okay okay, I'm in. So, how do I join you all? It's easy! And here is a step-by-step tutorial if you'd like to use TweetGrid. We will be using the hashtag #HauntedHalloween.
Go to You should see this screen
(click images to enlarge)

Under PARTY HASHTAG, put in #HauntedHalloween
Under PARTY HOST(S), put in @TheBestReader, @BoundbyBooks Separate each name with a comma!
Under YOUR USERNAME, put in, well, your username!

It should looks like this, only with YOUR twitter name on the bottom section.
Click on, JOIN THE PARTY! and you are almost ready to go.

You should see something like this. The first section will include ALL tweets with the hashtag #HauntedHalloween.
The second section will include ALL tweets sent by me or Lisa. This helps because it makes sure you can see the questions and they don't go flying down the feed.
The third section will have your name so you will be able to see all tweets sent by you, or directly to you. You're not done yet!

Before it will let you tweet by using the TweetGrid, click on LOGIN (located directly under the tweet section at the top).

(click to enlarge)

Once you give TweetGrid access to your twitter account, you should be ready to go!
It should automatically add #HauntedHalloween at the end of each tweet so you won't have to type it in over and over.
Things to remember!

Tweet using the hashtag #HauntedHalloween

You can find me on twitter: @TheBestReader
You can find Lisa on twitter: @BoundByBooks
If you have any questions, feel free to email or leave a comment.
Have FUN!
We hope to see you there! Good luck to everyone!

Sneak peak at the swag you could win! Each winner will get a pack containing some of this swag.

Thanks to author Emma Michaels for posting this a while back about TweetGrid!

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Haunted Halloween: It's a Twitter Party! Tonight at 9pm (EST) 6pm (PST) + twitter party