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Haunted Halloween: Cover Voting!

Are you ready to vote for your favorite covers?? PLEASE VOTE BY LEAVING A COMMENT

* The covers are in the order that we received them.


  • I will be posting the cover voting, and Lisa will post the story voting.
  • To vote for the STORIES- USE GOOGLE
  • To vote, put your email address and the number of the story you like into the comment.
  • Email addresses may be used to verify votes, only if needed.
  • If you are participating in the comment contest as well, say"I'M VOTING!" in the comment and you will get an extra entry into the comment contest.
  • Anonymous votes are NOT allowed. Sorry!
  • Vote for your favorite!

  • Feel free to post about the voting starting. Please encourage people to vote for their favorite.
  • You can cast a vote for your own cover, but only once.

  • This is the only round of voting. It will end Saturday, the 29th.
  • The top 4 covers will win prizes!
  • The winners will be announced on Halloween!

For this contest we will be posting the covers in the order that they were received. VOTE FOR THE COVER YOU LIKE BY LEAVING A COMMENT WITH THE NUMBER POSTED ABOVE THAT COVER.

COVER #1 — House of Prey

COVER #2 — Emerald's Haunting Dream

COVER #3 — Within the Becoming

COVER #4 — Ravenous

COVER #5 — Red

COVER #6 — Snatcher

Reminder: If you are interested in the COMMENT CONTEST, remember to include your email address and"I'M VOTING" with your comment for an extra entry! Please read full entry rules here.
To vote, include the number of your favorite cover and email address in your comment!

To vote for the STORIES- USE GOOGLE

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Haunted Halloween: Cover Voting! + prize