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Crossroads Tour: Linda Joy Singleton

What has been the biggest change to your writing career over the past year?
A good question because the book I just finished writing isn’t like anything else I’ve ever written. It’s a big book – 350 pages, and science fiction YA. I’m hoping this book helps me reach more readers. I’m aiming for stardom!

Do you have any new titles, or series, that you are currently working on?
Well, BURIED comes out in March. Also a short story titled PHANTOM OF THE PROM (about Sabine/Dominic) in an anthology from Leap Books called SPIRITED. And I just finished the SF YA book. So I’m going to start the 2 nd book in that trilogy soon

If you could create your very own paranormal creature, what would it be like?
Well flying is cool, so it would have wings and be cuddly like a cat and change colors so it shimmers like a rainbow. A kitty shimmer-wing.

Can you tell us 3 of your guilty pleasures while writing?
I love chocolate so sometimes snack on candy; watch reality shows; and post on Facebook and Twitter.

Dead Girl in Love by Linda Joy Singleton Publisher: Llewellyn (August 1st, 2009) Reading Level: Young Adult Paperback: 288 pages Series: Dead Girl #3
Oh, wow—I'm my own best friend.
Or at least, I'm in her body!

Okay, this assignment will be quick and easy. Thanks, Grammy! See, my dead grandmother keeps finding people who have big problems and then I have the freaky experience of stepping into their life—and their body!—to provide help. This time, I'm in the body of my BFF, Alyce.
Since Alyce and I know everything about each other, I won't have to do a lot of detective work, which is a definite plus. But, as Alyce, I've got some really pressing questions to answer—starting with, What am I doing in this coffin?

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Crossroads Tour: Linda Joy Singleton + prize