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Guest Post: Melinda Metz

Very happy to have Melinda Metz on the blog today. Her and her writing partner Laura J. Burns have a lot of exciting things happening right now.

Their book, Crave, is coming out in September 2010. Echoes, a bind-up that includes the first three books from Melinda's paranormal thriller series Fingerprints, is in stores now. If you read the books before, no worries. You can read them again. No one will mind.

Echoes of Fingerprints
When I got the call telling me my Fingerprints series was going to be reissued, I was psyched. I got very attached to Rae, Anthony, and the other series characters while I was writing the seven books, and it was great news that they'd be out there in the world again.
My editor asked me to go through the first three books and update them a bit for their publication as Echoes. (The reason the title was changed was that there have been a LOT of CSI shows since Fingerprints came out, and there was a concern that Fingerprints sounded like that kind of procedural.) She asked me to add some cell phone use, for example, and to have Rae's father allow her to watch TV this time around. I was also asked to take a look at Rae's thoughts, because my editor thought she went back and forth and back and forth (and back and forth) on the same subjects too much.
I had no problem with these changes. (Well, one scene became a little trickier, because a cell phone made it way too easy to call for help.) But it was a strange feeling going back through the books. It had been almost ten years since I finished writing the series, and in those ten years I'd written dozens more books. My writing had changed a bit.
The big thing I noticed was that Rae cried a LOT. I don't think I'd ever write a character who cried so much now. To be fair to Rae, who is actually a very strong, smart character, she was crying about events that most girls would cry over--like she finds out through her fingerprint-reading ability that someone is trying to kill her. It's just that she has so many of these intense situations that I started feeling a little soggy reading about them. I did some crying cutting, so in addition to more TV watching, more cell phone use, and less over-thinking, Echoes has approximately 43% less tears than Fingerprints did.
There were a couple other things I realized as I read through the books. I still had a crush on Anthony, the guy who helps Rae stay alive. I know I made him up, and it's probably delusional or egotistical or both to love him, but I do. He has so many strikes against him—dyslexia, a chaotic family life, plus being short. (I don't see being short as a strike, really. But my older brother had to sit on the phone book to drive, and that was not fun for him. He got a growth spurt after high school graduation though.) Yet, he also has the biggest heart.
It also occurred to me that my books are almost like a scrapbook. There are little bits of my life scattered throughout Echoes. Like there's a scene where Anthony's friends are having a conversation about what it would be like if the world was made out of cheese. I was at a party once where my friends and I discussed this for at least a solid hour. Like Anthony's buds, we also thought crackers might be the currency in that world because cheese isn't much without crackers. In another scene, Rae's dad gives her a pep talk by telling her he'd never seen anyone as tenacious as she was when she learned to ride a bike. She fell down so many times, scraping herself up, but never stopped trying. My dad used to give me this pep talk.
And, finally, I realized I'd still kind of like to have a psychic power of my own.

Thank you so much Melinda for stopping by!
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