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My Eclipse Experience — Late!

I know this is late.sorry! I had a few other posts and this one kept getting pushed back.

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Here are some pictures from when I went to see Eclipse with my aunt and cousin.
I was lucky enough to go to the midnight showing of Eclipse opening night. I had a great time and I have a few pictures to share. But first, I will tell you about the night. We went to a very large theater in Knoxville. We went there last year as well. A few days before New Moon opened, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were at that same theater! Sadly, I had to miss it because I didn't have anyone to watch my daughter but I watched it on TV… : ( Here is a picture of the stone they made for that. I'm not sure why it has Robert Pattinson's name too because he wasn't there, but oh well. Anyway, back to my story.

We left about 9:30 to head to Knoxville. I went with my aunt and cousin. We had a lovely little event happen before we even got there. We saw a car with tons of Eclipse stuff on the windows. They had"Bite Me Edward", a picture of lips."Eclipse at midnight" and all of that. Well my aunt decides to flash her light and honk at them.ya know, in the spirit of Eclipse.haha. Well guess who was next to us? A cop!! He didn't do anything but needless to say we were all freaking out.and laughing our heads off too. We got to the theater about 10 and the line for tickets was completely around the block. We had pre-ordered tickets so we went right into the theater. It was already full but we got some pretty good seats. More pictures! They played Eclipse on all 18 screens!

We waited for the movie for 2 hours but it wasn't bad. I had something to keep me company.

I really enjoyed Eclipse! It is my favorite of the 3 movies. I think the actors did a lot better job and it didn't have as many awkward scenes as the previous movies. They all looked a lot more comfortable. I also thought it had more going on and not just slow moving scenes or things that just seem to fill up time. It was very much like the book and a lot … hotter than Twilight and New Moon!: )
My husband and I went to see it a few weeks ago and I loved it even more the second time. My husband even liked it!
What did you all think of Eclipse?

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My Eclipse Experience — Late! + Personal stuff