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Review: Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Book Light

As many of you have noticed during the Haunted Halloween event, we had the opportunity to give away a few of these amazing book lights from Mighty Bright. I was also lucky enough to get one to review so now you can all see just how great these lights really are.

I love a good book light. Problem is, I hadn't found one till I got the XtraFlex2. I always try to be super careful with my things, but for some reason, every single book light I've ever had, ends up breaking within a month. This includes lights from $2 — $25.

I've had some break at the top, some break from the clip part, and some stop lighting up after a few uses. I've used this one several times and it is still going strong! I have looked for a book light for a long time that feels sturdy and they are actually hard to find. This one has a"gooseneck" like I've never seen on another book light. It's sturdy, but very easily bendable. It will stay exactly where you put it.

Also, have you ever had a light that is either too dim or it completely blinds you? Well, this one has two settings. I used it more often on my Kindle and it was perfect for that! My eyes are sometimes sensitive to bright lights so I keep things at a dim level when possible. If not, I get really annoying headaches. This light gave me the ability to keep the level dim and have just enough light to be able to read at night. Plus, the LED light seems to provide a lot better light overall. It lit up the entire page, or Kindle, easily without me having to move the neck around to see each word.

Even better, it has a nice grip on the clip so it won't slide around on your book or ereader. I am really in love with this light now. I'm thrilled I've finally found one that works for books and my ereader, and won't blind me or burn out overnight. This product is excellent quality and I have a feeling it will last a very long time.


Thanks again to Mighty Bright for donating book lights for out event and for providing a book light for an honest review of the product.

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